[Video Lessons & Tab] Learn how to play Cotton Fields on your 3-string cigar box guitar

Want to learn how to play Cotton Fields on your cigar box guitar?

Like to keep cigar box guitar lessons short and sweet?

In this post you get 3 essential resources to learn how to play the much-loved classic, Cotton Fields.

The resources include -

  • a 1 minute video lesson to learn how to play Cotton Fields with just 1 finger
  • a full 8 minute lesson with more advanced chord shapes and strumming pattern
  • downloadable and printable PDF tablature and strumming pattern 
  • plus a bonus video tutorial on how to read the PDF

So let's keep rollin'.

It's time to learn Cotton Fields on your 3-string cigar box guitar.

Will Jerome Graille revolutionize cigar box guitars?

Is a cigar box guitar destined to play only the blues?

What exactly can you play on a cigar box guitar?

In this post you get 6 different videos showing how one man is changing the way cigar box guitars are perceived, and revolutionizing how they are played.

Introducing Eric Denton | The Man Who Makes Cigar Box Guitars Sing

Looking for some new music?

Want something to point to when someone asks, "Is a cigar box guitar a real guitar?"

In this post you’ll discover an artist who has stepped forward, representing the cigar box guitar world, with heartfelt original music played on his handmade cigar box guitars.

Play 3 Songs In 3 Minutes On Your Cigar Box Guitar

Have you built a cigar box guitar but don't know how to play it?

Wish you could strum an easy tune on your cigar box guitar? 

In this post you'll learn how to play 3 different songs on your cigar box guitar.

[ARTIST PROFILE] Found Object Instrument Making With Zeke Leonard

He's a madman, in the best sense of the word.

He deconstructs pianos and reanimates the remains into new musical instruments.

He erects monuments of music out of salvaged timbers, sinks, and fire extinguishers.

He opens your eyes to the potential for art in the discarded objects around you.

"As a former theater set designer I used to build beautiful things, and they'd be thrown in the trash when their use has passed. Now I take things out of the trash and make beautiful things." - Zeke Leonard

For seven years, Zeke Leonard has been sharing his stories of experimentation and instrument-building on his blog, Salt City Found Object Instrument Works.

Each of Zeke's stories builds upon the last towards a height yet unseen, but certain to dizzy the rest of us in its genius.

For Zeke, a university assistant-professor and traveling impresario for handmade found-object musical instruments, the story started with a simple stick and a box,

but turned into something much, much different.

This is a profile of Zeke Leonard and his found-object musical journey. I can assure you, his journey is like none you've seen before.

Use The Gambler's 6 Step Guide to Build Your Best Cigar Box Guitar Ever

Everyone knows The Gambler, that classic country song popularized by crooner Kenny Rogers.

But what only a few people know is that The Gambler isn’t just a smokey rail-car story sung by a velvet-voiced country star.

The Gambler is a 6 step guide to making your own cigar box guitar.

So lean back and take a look at this study of how you, the cigar box guitar builder, benefit from a The Gambler's 6 guide.

With cigar box guitars, you got to...

[REPAIR HACK] How to Replace Cigar Box Guitar Pickup Rings In 7 Easy Steps

"So, we have a problem" says Ben, my dear friend and boss at C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply.

"We shipped a gentleman in Australia one of the guitars you built."

I immediately tense up. 

What went wrong? I wonder. 

This guitar's on the other side of the world now, Glenn. What did you do? 

"The box we shipped the guitar in got pretty beat up in transit," continues Ben, "and both the pickup rings are broken."

While this isn't great news, I'm mildly relieved. At least the issue isn't due to neglect on my part. 

But the worst part of the whole thing is someone gave us their hard-earned money and received a guitar that disappointed him.

And the customer is totally justified.

"The guy feels good about replacing the rings himself, so we'll send him some new ones. How about you make a video showing him how to replace the rings without having to open the cigar box?"

"Absolutely." I say.

Due to this man's initial misfortune, I was able to make a video demonstrating how he can ultimately empower himself. 

And the act of helping someone move from a place of frustration and disappointment to a place of satisfaction and empowerment excites me.

In turn, I'm sharing that video, and excitement, with you.

In this post you'll learn how to replace the pickup rings on your cigar box guitar with 

  • a quick video tutorial
  • step-by-step text & image instructions
  • and the knowledge that all you'll need is a screwdriver

So without further ado, let's do this!