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3 Awesome Resources To Learn Blackbird On Cigar Box Guitar

It's one of the greatest songs in history. 

Now you can learn to play it on your 3 string cigar box guitar.

Blackbird by Paul McCartney is the kind of song you like to get stuck in your head. 

It's downright beautiful.

In this post I am going to:
  • introduce you to tablature (tab) and how to use it to learn this song
  • where to find tab for this song and how to download it (for free!)
  • teach you how to play Blackbird step by step in a video tutorial
  • help you with a bonus vid at the end (hint: string height can be a challenge on fretted CBGs)
Let's get started with that tablature...

How to use Cigar Box Guitar Tab

Tablature is a simple language to teach music for CBGs. 

It's got horizontal lines like traditional sheet music but it is much easier to use and read.

I've got a growing list of cigar box guitar tabs on this site. Each one is something I have put together and have made available for you to view and download for free.

The page for that list of tabs is here.

To make using tablature as painless as possible, here is a video from my Youtube channel where I explain how to read it.

Now that you know how to read cigar box guitar tab, here's how to download it...

How to download Cigar Box Guitar Tab

Sure, you can just view the tabs I arrange and upload. 

But to make using them, sharing them (please do!), and learning with them easier, simply download the free PDF.  

This way you can also print them to take with you!

Here is an example of the tab for Blackbird.

As you can see, you can view the tab here. 

Now, you can click the popout window on the tab above as illustrated here:

Or you can go to the Tabs page on this site and click the link for Blackbird as pictured below.

The next screen that opens will have this...

Click on the arrow pointing down and you'll have yourself a free PDF of the tab for Blackbird.

It's that easy!

Now you've learned how to read cigar box guitar tablature and you've got your own PDF of Blackbird.

Let's go through the song, step by step...

Video tutorial on how to play Blackbird

Give me 10 minutes of your time and you'll learn how to play Blackbird on your 3 string cigar box guitar.

This video from my Youtube channel will take you through Blackbird, step by step.

There you go! Not bad, right? 

You've got the tools and the resources to play Blackbird. 

From learning how to read tablature, to learning how to download the tabs that I create, to learning the notes of the song in the video above, you've got what you need to succeed.

Good on ya!

And for a bonus tip...

How to get the right string height on your CBG

Playing fretted cigar box guitars can be a challenge, especially if the string height is a little wonky.

If the height is too low, the strings may buzz.

If the string height is too high, the CBG can be too difficult to play, or the notes can be thrown out of key.

Here's a quick bonus video that explains how you can determine optimal string height for you cigar box guitar.

And there you have it! 

Thanks for giving me some of your time. I hope you have found some of this valuable.

Please share what you've found here with someone who may benefit from it.

And if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

Until the next time, take care my friend.


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