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You Too Can Play House Of The Rising Sun With 1 Finger

One finger is all it's going to take...

You can learn how to play House of the Rising Sun on cigar box guitar with just one finger.

And yeah, you can use that finger if you want.

But here's the deal. The video for this lesson isn't even 10 minutes

In fact, I could've made it shorter than it is. 

Now, playing House of the Rising Sun with one finger is only the first step. 

That's because in this 7 minute video I show you how to:
  • play the song with one finger
  • then play the same chords and also tie in a little bit of the melody
  • then you learn how to play the chords and melody with some alternate fingerings to help you expand your use of the fret board
So let's get started already...

Before diving into the vid, click over to my Tabs page and download the PDF tabs for this song.

Print out the tabs if you'd like. They're good to have around to help practice the song.

And that way you don't have to listen to me on the video more than once :)

So here you go. Spend the next 7 minutes learning to play House of the Rising Sun and have some fun with it!

Now that you've got that nailed down, let me know what you think.

Leave me any comments, questions, or suggestions and I'll get back to you.

And always feel free to share the tabs, videos, or whatever else you find here with someone you think it could help.

Until the next time, take care my friend.

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