9 Essential Tools For Beginner Cigar Box Guitar Builders

Picture this:

The sweat is pouring out of me. So are the profanities.

All around me, cluttering the basement, are dust bunnies, holiday decorations, and forgotten board games.

I’ve got my right knee up, holding a red oak 1 x 2 on a chair.

My left hand is gripping one end of the red oak stick.

My right hand is grasping an old rip-cut saw, pumping it through my first scarf joint with the awkwardness of a teenage boy trying to round third base on his first date.

I let loose a colorful grunt and in walks my brother in law.

Seeing my six-foot-three frame hunched over, using my knee to clamp a stick onto chair, he says,

“Soooo…. you wanna borrow anything? You look a little…”

“Yeah. I know.” I say without looking up from my frustration.

I was short on tools, but determined to build a cigar box guitar.