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Country music is simple. And like birds singing in the morning, simple music just feels right.

Learning to play your cigar box guitar should be simple, too. It's a simple instrument, often built by simple means.

What better way to enjoy the simplicity of great music on your handmade musical instrument than to play a catchy country tune?

With this blog post you'll learn how to play Body Like A Back Road, the country music single that's spent more time in the #1 spot on country music charts than any other song by a solo artist, ever.

In this post are 
  • a 5-minute video lesson 
  • a chart teaching you how to finger the 4 chords in this song
  • and a breakdown of the strumming pattern (the biggest challenge to this tune)
So let's get pickin' country music style!

The cigar box guitar in this lesson is tuned G - D - G.

And below are the chord chart and strumming pattern.

You can also download the chord chart and strumming pattern as a PDF.

Have patience with yourself as you learn this song.

If you're unfamiliar with the chord shapes, spend time learning those first.

Then when you gain confidence with the chord shapes, move on to the strumming pattern.

Playing your cigar box guitar should be fun, and there's no better way to have fun playing your CBG than by strumming and singing Body Like A Back Road.