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The Cigar Box Guitar Builder Podcast | Episode 21

Do you ever listen to talk radio?

Whether sitting in the car, noodling around the shop, or passing time at work, listening to the kind of stuff you want to hear makes the day go by better.

Podcasts are the new talk radio, but better.

You can

  • find whatever you want to learn about or be entertained by
  • download whatever suits your fancy 
  • take it with you wherever you go 
  • and listen to it whenever you want.

I love podcasts and spend at least an hour a day listening to my specialized interests - not what an ad-driven corporate radio giant wants to serve me.

In our world of cigar box guitars, there's someone who's connecting with other builders and players, having thoughtful conversations, and posting them to his podcast. 

And I'm honored that this man chose to have me on his show.

Click the "Keep reading" link below to see
  • my YouTube Vlog  
    • where I talk about being on the podcast
    • and hint at an upcoming How-to video
  • the full Vlog transcription
  • the link to the podcast.
So without further ado, let's do this!

Hey, Buddy. I got something I want to share with you.

It was a first time for me, and I’m surprised at how comfortable I am with it, considering how little control I have over this thing, and how it’s shared with everybody worldwide.

But first, I want to say “Hello!”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on YouTube, and you may have subscribed to this YouTube channel for some of the how-to videos or some of the one-finger lessons.

Truth is, I’ve had no game plan this entire time.

And, I reckon, the kind of videos that I produce reflect that.

I am an expert in nothing.

I’m not a rock star.

I’ve got nothing to sell.

I’m just somebody who loves building and playing cigar box guitars, and the very little that I know about it, I just want to share with you.

And hopefully you are inspired, or helped in some way, to build and play your own cigar box guitar.

Now, while my activity here on the Tubes has been kind of spotty, and the videos raw, I do plan on doing another how-to video soon.

I’ve been particularly inspired by these neck-on-top style guitars.

I love the simplicity and the performance of them, and I’d like to share some of that with somebody who would like to know a little bit about it.

But until then, what I really want to tell you in this video is that I was recently on someone’s podcast.

Someone actually wanted my voice on their show.

The podcast is put together by this really good dude who lives all the way on the other of the globe.

His name’s Adam, he lives in Australia, and he is a proprietor of Birwood Guitars.

And his podcast is called, or named, The Cigar Box Guitar Builder Podcast.

Easy to remember.

He was kind enough to have me on episode 21.

I’m going to link to that podcast, below this video, in the description.
(link here

Then I’m asking, I’m hoping, that you go check it out -that episode or any one of Adam’s episodes on The Cigar Box Guitar Builder Podcast.

This dude’s a really good dude.

He’s a great conversationalist; he asks nice questions.

We had a long, thoughtful conversation about the how’s and the why’s we both got into building and playing cigar box guitars.

He gave me the space to talk.

To talk a lot.

And I got into some pretty personal stuff.

I have a history, that some of you may already know about, that led me to these wonderful, these beautiful instruments that helped to change my life.

But, it was a great conversation and one that I’m honored that he would have on his podcast.

Please, if you will, go check it out on The Cigar Box Guitar Builder Podcast.

And when you’re done with the podcast, would you mind coming back here to the comments and letting me know what you think, if I haven’t come across as a complete loon?

Or, even if I have come across as a complete loon?

And also, you can ask me any questions here in the comments about our conversation if you’d like me to fill in any details, or any gaps that I left.

And that’s about it.

At the end of this month I have a little vacation coming up, and I’m hoping to make a little series, like I was mentioning earlier, about doing a little how-to, maybe on one of these neck-on-top cigar box guitars.

Until then, happy building and playing.

Again, here's the link to the episode

Is there anything you'd like to ask me in the comments below?

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