The Cigar Box Guitar Builder Podcast | Episode 21

Do you ever listen to talk radio?

Whether sitting in the car, noodling around the shop, or passing time at work, listening to the kind of stuff you want to hear makes the day go by better.

Podcasts are the new talk radio, but better.

You can

  • find whatever you want to learn about or be entertained by
  • download whatever suits your fancy 
  • take it with you wherever you go 
  • and listen to it whenever you want.

I love podcasts and spend at least an hour a day listening to my specialized interests - not what an ad-driven corporate radio giant wants to serve me.

In our world of cigar box guitars, there's someone who's connecting with other builders and players, having thoughtful conversations, and posting them to his podcast. 

And I'm honored that this man chose to have me on his show.

Click the "Keep reading" link below to see
  • my YouTube Vlog  
    • where I talk about being on the podcast
    • and hint at an upcoming How-to video
  • the full Vlog transcription
  • the link to the podcast.
So without further ado, let's do this!