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Social discomfort you can relate to (and perhaps should overcome)

How do you feel in a room filled mostly with people you don't know, and only a few whom you barely do? Do you fit right in, comfortably moving from person to person, enthusiastically engaging in various conversations? Or do you feel like shrinking into a corner, stealthily passing along a well like a ninja on your way to sneaking out the door? More often than not, I feel like the ninja, just not as cool.
Social discomfort in large groups
Large groups of relative strangers intimidate me. Being someone who enjoys quiet and solitude and slow, drawn out productions, the contrast in busy, chaotic environments densely packed with bodies sets me on edge. I clench my jaws shut (so much so that at the end of such an event my jaws are tired or sometimes hurt) making flapping my gums exceptionally difficult, and in an especially loud room I lose nearly all ability to communicate. If asked a question, I can barely form a sentence in response. Yet, in a room with just a few people where the v…