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Jiu-Jitsu Highlights Personal Growth Opportunities

Ever had things you already knew to be true confirmed at the expense of your ego? You know, like failing a math test when you already knew you sucked at math. Or looking like a nervous wreck while trying to give a presentation, knowing full-well that public speaking isn’t your jam?

To a lesser extent, in my second jiu-jitsu class last night, some of my shortcomings, which weren’t news to me, were highlighted. Not highlighted by people pointing and laughing, or being publicly called out in any fashion; rather, well aware of weak areas in my life, these personal limitations are accentuated in jiu-jitsu in such a way that I want them to be under the microscope; I want to embrace them; and I want to improve them. Because of these desires for awareness, acceptance, and betterment of my deficiencies, jiu-jitsu is showing itself to be an excellent vehicle for self-improvement.


Jiu-jitsu, at least the way it’s being taught to me, is stressing two broad areas in my life that need a…