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My First Rear Naked Choke

"Being that you've never done this before, you may have a sore throat tomorrow," says my longtime friend and new jiu-jitsu teacher.

Sitting on the mat inside his barn-studio, heavy bags hanging from ceiling joists, a pull-up bar on chains, and air conditioner roaring in a fight with the 90 degree weather outside, I'm preparing to be introduced to the rear naked choke (RNC).

My friend -- "P" I'll call him -- slowly explains what the RNC is,  and when and how it can be applied. There's much more to the hold than P is covering, but he's giving me the basics, one small bite at a time. Good thing too, because learning jiu-jitsu, like everything else I've done, likely will be best done just so: slowly, methodically, and with detailed, hands-on training. Hands-on is quickly what this lesson becomes.

For some visual aid, P and I got in front of a mirror hanging on the wall next to the double barn doors. P, explaining again the several steps to effec…

MMA is misunderstood

The further in love I fall with jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts in general, the more need I feel to articulate how the sports, and lifestyles, impress me.

While finishing the book, Into The Cage: The Rise of UFC Nation, written by Nick Gullo, I read the following passage that sums nicely MMA as a sport.

"MMA is the most misunderstood sport on the planet. On talk shows and news reports, critics wag fingers and complain that hand-to-hand combat somehow undermines society -- but their arguments ignore how this 'mock combat' unites and inspires us. Whether it's reality-as-theater or theater-as-reality, the hero's journey transcends borders, languages, and cultures; and for the fighters, the cage is the field upon which they test their resolve." (pg. 211. Into the Cage: The Rise of UFC Nation. 2013. Gullo)

It's true that MMA is misunderstood, and changing anyone's perception of the sport is not on my list of things to do. If someone is turned-off by the v…