About Glenn Watt

For the past several years I've worked for the world's largest supplier and online resource for building cigar box guitars. You may have landed on this page looking for cigar box guitar tablature or because you watched one of my How-To videos on YouTube.

No matter how or why you came here, I'd glad you did.

I fell into the cigar box guitar world while getting sober. Building and playing musical instruments from things never intended to make music* served as the perfect vehicle to escape substance abuse and explore my creative side. Without them, it's hard to say where I would've found the strength to learn acceptance, gratitude, and humility; all keys to learning to live not only sober, but to live a healthy, meaningful life.

Change is constant, and continues to shape my life for the better. I still work in the cigar box guitar world, reaching out to educators who can use handmade musical instruments as teaching tools. But I've also fallen in love with learning to write, learning to capture photographs, and learning to be a positive, active member in my community.

Since moving to Rochester, NH with my partner in 2017, I've found immense gratification in immersing myself in this small and beautiful, old New England city. We've started our new life here, and participating in the growth of Rochester has become an important, and satisfying endeavor. Engaging with our community allows me to feel connected and purposeful; things I never felt while active in substance abuse. 

That's just a tiny bit of my story, one that has new twists and turns every day. Thank you for taking the time to visit and read this page. And no matter what, please treat yourself and the people around you with kindness. 

*this is a tip of the hat to my dear friend Ben "Gitty" Baker

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