Cigar box guitar tabs, or tablature, are a simple language used to learn how to play songs.

Like sheet music, tabs have a series of horizontal lines to help you figure out what notes to play.

However, cigar box guitar tabs are much easier to read.

Below is an ever-growing list of tablature for 3 string cigar box guitars. In them, I always intend for the guitar to be tuned 1-5-1 like a power chord (ie. GDG).

But first, here is a video from my Youtube channel to teach you how to read tab if you don't already know.

Each song title in the list below is a link.

Click that link to view the tab.

Download the tab (it's a free PDF that I've put together myself) or print the file to have something that you can hold in your hands.

If you find something useful or helpful, share the hell out of it. After all, sharing is caring.

Above all, have fun learning how to play songs on your cigar box guitar!

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