Have You Been Saved By God's Reckless Love? [VIDEO & Personal Story]

Have you ever felt so broken and alone that not even God's love could or would mend your heart? 

Perhaps, even as a friend of Christ, you've felt lost without hope of being found. 

Before receiving God into my life, I, too, felt that despair. However, it was His love, initially unbeknownst to me, that changed all that. 

What follows is a live performance music video. It will help explain how God's love finds people like you and me who are broken, lost, and spiritually poor, and how, with His grace, He brings us home.

And if you feel inclined to keep reading, you will learn a bit about how God became my Savior.

A Case For Releasing Worries [Prayer & Rejoice]

When I learned to stop worrying about all things, I learned how to live happily in every circumstance. 

To stop worrying, I learned how to pray and how to rejoice.

Don't get me wrong. I still worry. I still feel the fears that lead to those worries. 

But I'm learning how to replace those worries and fears with prayer and joy. And my life is so much better for the lessons.

In a sermon titled The Cure To Worry, Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries used Philippians 4:4-9 to describe how, with faith in God, we can learn to live free from anxiety and be filled with happiness.

See the sermon below.

Encouragement Releases The Supernatural

During a midweek sermon given by Steve Backlund on Bethel Church TV, I heard something that really stuck with me. 

"Encouragement releases the supernatural."

The sermon during which Backlund shared the above comment is titled 3 Keys To Arising And Shining.

You can see the sermon below.

What Is A Growing Christian & How Do I Become One?

If I want to be a growing Christian, says Pastor Greg Laurie in his talk about The Importance of God’s Word in the Believer’s Life, I must read, study, and love God's Word. 

Since I love reading the Bible, this step in becoming a growing Christian shouldn't be a huge leap.

What is a growing Christian?

But what is a growing Christian? And what does that look like?

Worship God For 28 Minutes. Cry For 20 Of Them.

The most powerful form of worship I've found for loving the Lord is through music. And after watching a video of the gospel song Way Maker performed live at '19 Jesus, a worship conference held in Orlando, Florida, by Jesus Image Ministries, I am convinced that we can feel God when we worship Him together through music.

In the video below, the Jesus Image Choir is joined onstage by performers John Wilds and Stefany Gretzinger. Together, along with the crowd, they praise the Lord with such a stirring performance that I cried for no less than 20 minutes of the 28-minute video.

Thy Word Have I Hid In Mine Heart

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee."
Psalms 119:11 (KJV)

The above verse from Psalms 119:11 is my first attempt to commit a Bible verse to memory. And this specific verse was recommended by a new resource I've found to broaden my understanding of the Bible.

Now, the longer I read the Bible, the more I fill my heart with God's word to learn to live His will. And as I've come to find in Christian circles, memorizing Bible verses is recommended to remember and apply God's wisdom to my life for everyday situations. 

What Does It Mean To Lead A Heavenly Life?

What does it mean to lead a heavenly life? As far as I can tell, to lead a heavenly life is to do live God's word, to do His will.

I was thinking about this with Farley after we listened to a two-part sermon series given by Pastor Greg Laurie. On an evening that was a bit too cool to sit on the porch overlooking His creation (something she and I love to do together), Farley and I built a fire in the woodstove. Then we pulled up a couple chairs near the stove and sat down to listen to Pastor Greg's sermons via his podcasts.

In his sermons, Pastor Greg talked about what it means to lead lives with heaven as the focus. His sermons reminded me of a line from the Lord's prayer,

... thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

What does it mean for "thy will be done"? Well, doesn't that mean to obey his word, to live as He wills?