New To Playing Cigar Box Guitar? Start With Shane Speal's Beginner Lesson

Shane Speal -- the driving force behind the modern cigar box guitar movement -- got called out on his video lessons... they weren't basic enough!

So Shane responded with this 6:33 minute video...
How to Play Cigar Box Guitar - The very BEGINNING lesson!

In this lesson, geared towards the absolute beginner, you'll learn:

  •  How to hold a pick
  •  Slides
    • how to fit to your finger
    • which finger to use
  •  How to play with a slide
    • don't mash the strings
    • hold right over the fret
  •  Quick lick (to get you playing right away)
  •  Picking hand
    • strumming pattern for quick lick

With great close-ups on both the slide and picking hands, and essential basic playing tips, this beginner lesson gives you the tools to find immediate success playing your cigar box guitar.

What's your favorite beginner cigar box guitar lesson?