This 3-String Tab Proves Country Music Is Good On Cigar Box Guitars

Perhaps due to my budding affection for country music, I'm loving the occasional country tune on a cigar box guitar.

And while country music artist Garth Brooks isn't on top my list of country faves, his smash hit Friends In Low Places, I have found, translates well to 3-string gittys.

To that end, linked in this post is 3-string cigar box guitar tab to prove it.

Over the past couple of months at work for C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply, I've been more involved in creating free-to-download 3-string cigar box guitar tablature for another one of our sites,

The latter is a knowledge base in which numerous how-to-build and how-to-play articles and guides are stored, along with various bits of cigar box guitar history and performing artists' stories.

Also hosted on is a growing library of the aforementioned tablature for all sorts of handmade musical instruments, be they ukuleles, 3 or 4-string cigar box guitars, 1-string canjos, and 2-string basses.

I feel like I'm missing another instrument, but you get the idea.

Anyway. About that Friends In Low Places tab.

While looking for songs to tab – mind you, songs that hopefully appeal to C. B. Gitty's audience – country music is an easy choice.

The songs are often simple enough to strum on a cigar box guitar and generally have a good feel to them, in that they're well-known and pleasing to the ear.

Plus, country music is just downright fun, with it's simple but catchy melodies and storytelling.

Even storytelling as somber as Friends In Low Places is made fun with the upbeat chord progression.

Turns out, Friends In Low Places with its four chords and unmistakable baritone notes has the kind of story that seemingly everyone can relate to.

And Garth Brooks put his stamp on the tune with his fantastic vocals.

Now, as previously mentioned, I'm not real big on Mister Brooks, but that doesn't mean I don't recognize his talent; the dude can sing.

Given his ability to consistently sell-out enormous arenas, it's also safe to say the man can put on a show, too.

Even after years away from recording and performing, Brooks recently stepped back into touring and is currently filling stadiums to capacity with adoring fans, which is why he's on my radar and why I chose to tab his smash-hit, Friends In Low Places.

Head on over to and download the 3-string cigar box guitar tab for Friends In Low Places.

In my arrangement, there's only four chords to the song and as soon as you strum them, one after the other, you'll hear Brooks' incredible baritone low notes and be humming them yourself.

Then before you know it, you'll be playing one of the most commercially successful country tunes of all time.

No, there's no slide-play (although there could be if you want) and there's no long-dead impoverished blues artist to point to for the songs greatness.

But that's not really the point of making and playing cigar box guitars, is it?

I mean, they're not meant only to play one style of music. In fact, country music, with all it's down-home blue-collar qualities, is a perfect fit for handmade musical instruments.

Look at us cigar box guitar builders; we can't even afford "real" guitars. I guess together, we've all got friends in low places.