GF Bread Better Be Worth All These Ingredients

containers of the many ingredients required to bake gluten free bread

Have you ever baked gluten free bread?

It seems like an awful lot of work.

We haven't tried baking any yet, opting instead to simply buy a loaf at the store, now and again.

Two things changed that today; or at least got the ball rolling towards us baking our own.

1. We had no bread to make toast for breakfast. In the big picture that's no big deal, but it's happened more than once and by golly that ain't right.

2. After learning a few months ago Farley has Celiac's, gluten has been scarce in our house. And for the love of all that's good, the warm, sweet scent of baking makes a house feel like a home. After spending too much time daydreaming about biscuits after today's breakfast debacle, I figured on baking something we could both enjoy eating.

On a lark, I asked Google to show me gluten-free recipes for bread machines.

You see, we have a bread machine, kinda like how people have a BowFlex or a SlapChop -- it seems like a good idea before you buy it, but it quickly turns into one more thing that simply fills your living space.

For my gf-bread-machine-recipes query, the first search result description read something about a gluten-free setting on bread machines.

Well, wouldn't you know it? Come to find out that bread machine sitting unused in a cabinet under the kitchen counter for as long as we've lived here has a gf setting.

In light of this discovery, it became go-time to fill our shuttered home (it's winter in the northeastern U. S. for us) with the sweet smells of baking bread.

Thankfully, for the bread machine we have an accompanying cook book in which there are gf recipes, if only a few.

And each one of those recipes has a mile-long list of ingredients for stuff I'll get and, based on years of similar behavior, will use only once.

Why buck the trend?

The shopping list reflecting our total lack of gf baking stuff looked expensive.

Turns out, the list was expensive.

Even better, not every ingredient needed was at the store. With as much as was spent, and with as much as was bought, there are still a couple gaps to fill.

The missing pieces to the gf puzzle? Garfava flour and sorghum flour.

Yeah, me neither.

By the time we get around to baking, that'll be a hundred dollar loaf.

Better be good.