Encouragement Releases The Supernatural

During a midweek sermon given by Steve Backlund on Bethel Church TV, I heard something that really stuck with me. 

"Encouragement releases the supernatural."

The sermon during which Backlund shared the above comment is titled 3 Keys To Arising And Shining.

You can see the sermon below.

Backlund's 3 keys are as follows:
  1. Get hope.
  2. Know you have something specific to arise and shine in.
  3. Encourage others to arise and shine.
It's during that third key that Backlund made the point, encouragement releases the supernatural

And that, to me, is some pretty deep stuff.

Surprisingly, Backlund didn't repeat that remark a second time, something pastors do when trying to drive home a specific point to their audience. 

Why is it surprising?

Because the concept that the supernatural is released by encouraging others suggests to me that God, the Holy Spirit, is in our midst when we light a fire in another person. 

By lifting others up, we are asking the Holy Spirit 

to hearten someone else, 

to revitalize them, 

and to strengthen them, 

so that they are filled with the Spirit.

I love how Backlund expressed this idea, albeit only once, and have seen evidence of its truth.

While at work, where I am an apprenticing carpenter building tiny homes, I make sure to encourage my lead carpenter and all the people I work with.

Time after time, after having received cheering and affirming words, I've seen my fellow co-workers feel good about their work and inspired to pass that encouragement along to another.

The Spirit can literally fill the shop. 

Everyone shows signs of being stirred to do good work and to engage with each other, motivating and inspiring the next man to do well. 

That is a beautiful thing.

While sharing my experiences with building and playing cigar box guitars, I've seen how encouraging others can lift up a total stranger so that they, in turn, freely support another cigar box guitar enthusiast. 

To me, that's further evidence the Holy Spirit is present; that the supernatural is released through encouragement.

What about you? Do you have an experience to share about a time when you felt the Spirit present while encouraging others?

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