What Does It Mean To Lead A Heavenly Life?

What does it mean to lead a heavenly life? As far as I can tell, to lead a heavenly life is to do live God's word, to do His will.

I was thinking about this with Farley after we listened to a two-part sermon series given by Pastor Greg Laurie. On an evening that was a bit too cool to sit on the porch overlooking His creation (something she and I love to do together), Farley and I built a fire in the woodstove. Then we pulled up a couple chairs near the stove and sat down to listen to Pastor Greg's sermons via his podcasts.

In his sermons, Pastor Greg talked about what it means to lead lives with heaven as the focus. His sermons reminded me of a line from the Lord's prayer,

... thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

What does it mean for "thy will be done"? Well, doesn't that mean to obey his word, to live as He wills?


So what does living God's will look like? And by living His will, by living His word, aren't we creating heaven on earth? In so doing, aren't we preparing our lives for heaven? 

Again, what does living God's will and His word look like?

That way I see it, that means living with grace, humility, and above all, love: love for ourselves, for each other, and for Him. 

Are those ideas overly simplified? Not so far as I can tell. Perhaps there's more to God's will than living with grace, humility, and love, but I think, at the least, that's where He'd like us all to start to lead heavenly lives. 

What say you? What do you think leading a heavenly life looks like?

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