Worship God For 28 Minutes. Cry For 20 Of Them.

The most powerful form of worship I've found for loving the Lord is through music. And after watching a video of the gospel song Way Maker performed live at '19 Jesus, a worship conference held in Orlando, Florida, by Jesus Image Ministries, I am convinced that we can feel God when we worship Him together through music.

In the video below, the Jesus Image Choir is joined onstage by performers John Wilds and Stefany Gretzinger. Together, along with the crowd, they praise the Lord with such a stirring performance that I cried for no less than 20 minutes of the 28-minute video.


Isn't that performance outstanding? 

Wilds and Gretzinger grip the arena with their God-given vocals and yet leave plenty of space for worship. They don't crowd the service with undue vocal acrobatics that, while they are a treat to hear and of which both singers are capable of performing, can remove the focus from including everyone present in worship.

As previously mentioned, music is the most powerful form of worship I've found, and the Way Maker performance above moved me to prolonged tears. 

How about you? What form of worship is most powerful to you?

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